Daily Rituals.....

11:21 AM

At this point in my life, I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to travel, dance, meet other dancers. Which means you get to hang out alot with other dancers. Which is really really great.......but the fun part of getting to meet all these dancers from all over the world, is when you hang out together you really see a pattern emerge every morning with how dancers get on with their daily rituals.

But the funny part of this is you only get to see half the ritual.....or a very stunted sleep deprived version of that daily ritual. We kinda do a run down of our daily rituals with each other.....cause lets face it, at big events in Europe we are usually all staying together.....and really we must all get along:)

So what happens is this lovely tally of figuring out out who are the early risers, the late to bed folks...coffee drinkers, tea drinkers...shower in the morning person...or midnight shower goer. What emerges from this is a mutual understanding of each others needs...and to help each other out with those needs:))

But stillllllllllll,
I'm curious what other dance artists full morning rituals are???

What gets you going in the morning???

Ok me??? Tea.

Yes Tea.
First off.....my day does start at 5:40am....yes I'm nuts. But it seems for me the only time I can manage to get a full yoga practice in without DISTRACTIONS!!!....no kids, no computers....no sewing projects taunting you to finish them.

So I ramble down to my kitchen and get the kettle going.....then hit my mat for my daily yoga dose.

Life is crazy.....but then the next 2 hours...is a full sprint and extreme exercise in patience to get my kids to school on time....

with that done....I wander back into my home at 8am.
yes. more tea.
maybe some dishes....but tea first.

Once I get that outta the way, I find I need to calm down and really just create some clear thinking space for myself.....

I start by lighting some candles....and getting some incense....just creating some positive presence around me.

I have some favorite areas within my domain......little areas that make me happy to visit....and move forward....
Once thats done...I hit my work table....
and get on with it......I usually like to answer my emails in the mornings, blog, short facebook cruise.....
and then DANCE.
Most important don't forget that part:)

Everyones life is super busy.....
sometimes you don't realize how important all your little daily rituals are....maybe you don't even realize what your little daily rituals are....
Sometimes the perfect day doesn't happen every day as well...

But don't forget to do the things you love....surround yourself with things that make your happy....create, dance...and have fun.

Ok really, I wanna know....what are your daily rituals????


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