Offenburg aka...The Black Forest

4:50 PM

Last weekend I returned to the Blackforest to continue teaching my New Years Resolution series workshops with Gudrun Herold.

I love coming to this area....well because its beautiful, and plus these workshops are on a continuous rotation. Which is one of my favorite ways to teach workshops. It gives me the opportunity to create relationships with students, because I get to know them better!

Last weekend was part 2 of the series...and we had a blast!!!

whoosh those ladies worked hard!!!

Another reason I love these workshops so much, well its the chance to hang out with Gudrun! She really is just a lovely charming woman, and we always have much fun together! and cake!!!

stunning window at this coffee shop!!

a very wintery Black Forest!

be sure to check out Gudrun's site......Devadasi Caravan....Gudrun is a certified FCBD teacher and is also sells a fabulous collection of skirts and choli's check out here site here.....

Devadasi Caravan

watch out for an exciting summer date coming up June 23,24th...Gudrun will have some exciting news for a great event this summer...I will keep you posted!!


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