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Last weekend I had the lovely chance to get over to Zagreb to teach workshops and hang out with my lovely friend Susan Frankovich!

I was super excited to go.....well because I really do love Croatia, and all the beautiful dancers from this area!

Zagreb, was soooooooooooo snowy!!! I loved it!! It really made Zagreb quiet and beautiful!!

Hahahahah....yes I did actually see Zagreb during the day.....But to busy to take pics!!

I got off the plane,  had a quick bite to eat and off I went to teach some workshops....I got to teach in the studio where Susan teaches most of her classes. It was lovely to see her home turf!

After I kicked some butt....went home had some much needed rest, cause the saturday was gonna be a long day!!!

All the ladies were super awesome, and I had a great time. I love getting to travel and meeting so many different types of people! Its the best part of my job!!

Heres a vid of my day with these great ladies!!

ahhhh.....sigh.....I miss everyone!!

Sunday was the big day for the show!! And it was snowing like crazy, AGAIN!!!

Poor Susan...she was really nervous about folks getting to the show.....but the people came and supported the event!! It was a lovely night!!

sooooooo fun...and a great great show!!

If you wanna see some more great photography from this event check out my friends page from facebook.....

AMBROSIA | photography © Photo by U. Cotman

and if you havn't.... be sure to check out Susan Frankovich here.....

Huge huge huge thanks to all the ladies who came out to the workshops....
Congrats to Susan on a great event!!


ohhhhh and ps....yes of course......I have added to my mug collection...:)


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