DIY- Pink Assuit!!!

10:06 PM

I have been wanting to dye some assuit for a long time!!! I have had a strip of new cream Assuit for about 4 years now.....and have done nothing with it......I havn't worn, it hasn't made it to any costumes. Something about Assuit makes you wanna just never touch it...and really thats just silly.

So today....I did it......I dyed my assuit, pink.

I know go figure....I'm well known for disliking pink......but I have a costume idea....and its starting with pink Assuit. ::::meh:::: A girl can change her mind can't she???

Ok so here it is..... can find new Assuit on Ebay very easy. It varies in price. The old stuff is very expensive, and really your bonkers if you wanna dye that. Just don't...use the new stuff...mkay?
If you don't know what Assuit is....check this out...

So I did pour the boiling water first onto the tea....then dipped the Assuit in the mixture. And yes my Assuit now smells like earl grey tea. whatever. I like earl grey tea. This just gives the Assuit a more antiqued feel, and makes the color dye not so harsh to the eye.

So when the dye comes outta the box it looks kinda scary bright. But I mixed it with boiling water in a separate container. I didn't pour the full lot in at once....I poured a little and mixed...poured some more then mixed again.....I did actually leave the tea bags in the mixture as well...just to make sure the color stayed mellow.

Really this is not the time to be impatient!! I wanted a super soft color so the dye process really only took about 30 minutes total. Mostly I was wanting to make sure the Assuit dyed evenly.

and voila!! Pretty hand dyed Assuit! Rinse gently and hang to dry...
I'm planning on making a new costume bra with mine...but I could easily use this as my new scarf as well....mmmmmmm maybe the next one??? Also this is an I'll let you know if the color bleeds out at all!! Helpful tips are, use glass or metal containers when dying fabrics. And when I can, I'll post pics of the final product!
I'm super happy how it all turned out, I was a bit nervous about it....but it worked out! yeah me!!


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