Green Assuit Bra....the story behind a costume..

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Ok so here is my new Green Assuit Bra! But there is always a story behind every costume!!!This bra was very much inspired by Alexis Southall's original green assuit bra....

Alexis and I decided to join forces and create a duet we wanted to figure out a coordinated costume that would work for both of us. Shortly after I hit up Tribal Fest 12 in Sebastapol California. I wandered over to Katherine Erickson's booth, Silk Road Tribal. What did she have sitting right there in her booth...some gorgeous green assuit!!
That's when it all clicked in..... I remembered Alexis's stunning green costume up above....thought about our music selection...and there ya assuit bra in the works.

But sometimes time restraints are super tight when it comes to what I not to mention that I already have loads of I dug through those and found the perfect bra that could use a little redo.

Here's the before and after....

sooooo the top half of the bra with all the coins and beading stayed right where they were. I took apart everything else. This was one of my ONLY bras that I did not cover completely in fabric. It was bought for the sole purpose of the black and cream lace design. I wrestled with my fabric....and did ok...not perfect...but ok.....time restraints and all.....but take a closer look!

Not to bad right???

and while I was at it I did a little redo on Alexis's orginal bra as well!

and here we are together:))

yeah costume success story!

Ok thats the story behind this costume...

If you wanna see it in action check this video out here...

the beautiful Miss Alexis Southall..

and the question folks always ask me.....where did you get the assuit???
...check it out at...


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