Gudruns Belt part 2!

9:40 AM

So I'm leaving Germany soooooo soon!! Its crazy, I'm packing like crazy, which drives me crazy! 

I still had this belt on my things to do list, I wanted to make sure I got it done before I left Germany!
The lovely Gudrun asked me to make 2 belts!! you can see the first mermaidy belt here.....

 Like I mentioned before, digging around Gudrun's costume supplies we came up with 2 fabulous belt concepts. This one has a more far east flaire. Loads of purples and golds. She had this very beautiful sari fabric to use for the base that had loads of platinum and gold threads. So pretty!!
Ok this is what I came up with!

Coins galore!
Centre piece

loads of hand beading!

the medallions!

Yeah!! its done!! I hope hope she likes it!

Now back to packing for our big move to San Diego....about 2 weeks to go!


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