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10:51 AM

Recently had the chance to get my butt over to England for some holiday time with our family in England, which meant I got to hop on board and get over to Wolverhampton, England to check out my good friends Alexis Southall's event Infusion Emporium.

The workshop lineup was kick butt with Illan, Deb Rubin and Vesna of Ambrosia.

The weekend was jammed packed, with great workshops, dinners, and shows!

Alexis and her super supportive husband Dan kicked off the weekend with a dinner party at a super yummy Indian restaurant.....but somehow....shenanigans ran amuck!!
hahhahaha...super fun way to start off the weekend!
The next day was down to work....I was able to jump into one of Illan's workshops. Was super excited to see one of the fastest up and coming stars in our industry at work. Class was high paced and fun!

hahahah.....Djeyenee and I having a good time in Illan's class....

Deb's Ultimate Slink Factor workshop...

Vesna's Glam Tribal Makeup class

After the workshops it was time to get ready!!!!
Alexis and Dan had a very FULL house LOADED with Bellydancers......

The show was amazing of course!! As always so many great performers!!

Deb Rubin's new dance project

my little camera is too slow for the speedy Illan!

Some back stage fun....
I mean, who could resist?

silly time!

Alexis, Dan, and the mainland Europe Gang...

Bex and Michaela

The very fabulous Olivia Kissel.

Shared a dressing room with these crazy ladies....I'm seriously gonna miss these gals loads when I leave for the US.

With such a great show and amazing workshops....the weekend was not gonna be complete without a super great after party! Time to party!

Zombies lookout...Dawn is prepared.

Vesna and her husband Urosh.

Hanging out with Joanna and Dyejenee

a little improv fun....


Such a super great weekend... thankyou Alexis for having me, meant so much to be apart of your crazy weekend!

 Huge congrats to Alexis and Dan!!
Infusion Emporium was a great success!!

Don't forget Alexis and Dan will be at it again in the spring time with the lovely April Rose as their guest.
be sure to check it out...its almost all sold out!!!

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