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Ok so clearly you can tell I am trying to catch up like crazy on all my missed blogging!!!! Bad Martina!! But this year I got to teach at Tribal Fest 13!!! So exciting! I was super honored to be asked again, this is my second Tribal Fest that I have gotten to teach. This years topic was to go along with the Halfway To Halloween theme, and I created a workshop especially for Tribal Fest called Mustache Mania. Yeahhh!!!! Mustaches! I wanted to create a workshop that had some cute footwork and styliztions from the Chaplin era...with Chaplinesque esthetics. I really thought because of my Sunday time slot...which is the last day of Tribal Fest, that I would have small attendance. But I had 12 eager students for the workshops! Which I was so happy about. The other very special thing for me was to have my girls from Vancouver there with me...Angelina and Sally. These girls were sooooo awesome. It was a crazy week starting in Vancouver and ending at Tribal Fest.....(more on that later in a upcoming post!!) It was really special for me to have them there at Tribal Fest....I really needed the support this year...and they were totally there for me!(sniff sniff)....

Ok pics!! I worked these gals hard!!

 Warm up Time!

 a teeny bit of Theory

 Travel Time!

 I always end classes with a group pow wow

Sharing some love....

Super awesome to have fellow Canadian, Saskia from Edmonton join my class for the afternoon!

and yeah!!! My super cute friend Becka...we are instagram addicts and buds!

Mustache Mania!

Huge thanks as always to Kajira and Chuck for having me at Tribal Fest 13 this year....They work so hard to put on this awesome festival, it was great to be there this year.....thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Kiss Kiss!!!

ohhhhhh and if you dont know anything about Tribal Fest.....heres the linky!! check it out!


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