Tribal Fest Fest photos by Lee Corket

2:07 AM

Ok Tribal Fest 13......

I'm just getting caught up on life......things have been personally challenging, but slowly I have been coming around!! And yeah there is loads to celebrate and talk about. So its about just refocusing my life and coming back together again:)

So I havn't blogged Tribal Fest 13 yet.....more to come on that later....But here are some of the awesome pics of our set taken by Lee Corket. This year I was sooooooo blessed and lucky to share the stage with Alexis Southall, Angelina McKellar Thorne and Sally Myrfield. Many many thanks to these gals for helping me through a super challenging week emotionally for me. If your wondering what ya go...Sorry I havn't gotten back to you....  These girls were awesome we worked super hard and pulled off a pretty fun set at Tribal Fest 13!!! ok check it out....

and some of the really great pics!! Thanks Lee!!


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