Almost to an end.....

4:50 PM

Well... It's almost at an end..... Summer Vacation that is! Next week my kids go back to school already!!! I know so soon but they have been off since the beginning of June... But time sure flies when your having fun! 

We are just getting back from spending the last 3 weeks road tripping. We started out in San Diego and took the old 101 highway all the way up the coast to Vancouver. And then while in Canada we toured all the way up to the Caribo to spend time with family. Then over to the wet wet coast of Vancouver Island to beautiful Tofino. And finally some time in beautiful Vancouver.

I do have more pics....But here are some of my favs with my little iPod...

                       San Fransisco

                   Redwood Forrest

              Somewhere in Oregon


     A quiet moment from my yoga mat

                 Epic fishing moment

       The wonders of the sea in Tofino

                Loads of family time!

          Best friend moment with Linda!!!

       Sunsets in English Bay, Vancouver

     Enjoying our last Vancouver evening!

Off into the sunset....of another super great vacation!!


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