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 Recently I got to see my good friend Gudrun Herold from Germany while I have been touring in Europe teaching workshops. I was so excited to hear that she was going to come out to Vienna to perform and vend her beautiful wares from her line at Devadasi Designs. 

Gudrun is a lovely ATS dancer and respected teacher from Offenburg, Germany. She keeps very very busy with her own classes in Offenburg and on the workshop circuit throughout Europe. Not to mention her performing troupes as well! What some folks may not know is that Gudrun is also heading up her own business with Devadasi Designs!

I believe Gudrun started out with skirts and tribal wares...but she soon discovered that there was a need for other handmade items that dancers of ATS origin were needing as well.....awwwwwwww the elusive choli. Choli's are a crop type top that are worn with or without a coin bra. They can be used for the stage or the classroom. Gudrun I believe has really been tweaking this design for quite sometime now....and really has perfected a super great design!!

Dropped shoulder choli in velvet.

my personal fav for teaching with in class....Choli in a stretch cotton.

Gudrun is also making some really great harem pants....with some super beautiful fabrics!! I love this design because its not the usual dropped waist design....but also its not puffy at the waist. It gives the fabric a really nice drape in the pants!!

I seriously adore these!!

check them out can see how much they really move
in this practice video for my students.

Gudrun also offers up some really beautiful skirts.....seriously I'm not dancing ATS very much....but I cannot help but drool all over these everytime!!! Somehow I think she sprinkles magic fairy dust on them to make them sooooooo pretty!!!

The lurex really makes these sparkle onstage!

Ok be sure to check out Gudrun and Devadasi Designs......just in case you don't know....her English is very very excellent and really she is just the most lovely woman! ok check it out.....

Website, this is in German...

Her international Facebook can contact here:)

and if ya wanna check out some more galleries of her work....


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