DIY cutout crop shirt.....Doppleganger style.

7:01 PM

That there folks is the very lovely and very talented Aubre Hill. I have had the special opportunity to have known Aubre for several years. (lucky me!) Aubre had asked me to come up to L.A to perform in the BFLA hafla. BFLA stands for Bellyfusion LA. The idea for this organization is to help promote and support local Fusion Bellydance in the Los Angeles area.

The catch was....this particular hafla had a theme....Doppleganger. I was like yeahhhh fun! But whoooo was I gonna dopplegang? Why yes of course!!! Aubre herself....duh me. For real I wasn't trying to kiss butt! I just thought it was a cute idea. But man, Aubre is a tough card to choose. Aubre has a HUGE repetoire, not to mention her versatility with several genres of bellydance. 

With the help of my good friend Susan Frankovich we found this gem....

Awesome right?

Ok now to get myself together.....I'm not as bendy as Aubre is....but I was gonna do my best....Plus I had to get a costume together. ummmmmmmmm So I actually don't own any pants...yes....Melodias.....up the ying yang....But trousers real pants???? NO. Call me a pants snob whatever....but its not my favorite thing to be wearing. So off to Old Navy I go to find some type of camo pants and of course a black top to somehow complete the look.

yep basic black tee.

so here comes the fun part.....yeahhhhh Cutting that bugger out!

Cut yourself some tie straps...I just used the seams.

Cut out the rest to make your crop top.

 yep...cut the back too!

Ok now to cut the actual cutouts.....

so warning.
 Don't do any actual cutting of the cutouts on the dress form. Because it doesn't work.
Don't try.
yes this is from experience.

So remember those snowflakes you used to make as a kid??? This is kinda the same idea...fold your shirt in half and start creating your cutouts. I made alot of them....but cut as many as you like. I also did both arms.

 This what its gonna look like on a flat surface.

so there is the front. Yes you can see how the first slash went very wrong....thats cause that one was not cut on a flat surface. So I made it it bigger...which makes it more booby....;;;;sigh:::: Like I need things to be more booby.

There is the back....which looks nicer but you can also see how the side ties are working as well.

And check it out live action....

photo by May Fearnley

Here are some pics from the rest of the FUN!!

Getting ready backstage.
photo by Aubre Hill

Aubre our host and MC
Gigi Corkett rocking out her impressions of Anasma
 some ATS for the evening..

 Susan Frankovich KILLING her Mardi Love piece....seriously it was RAD!

hanging out!!

 Triple the fun!
 ummm sorry Shanti for sweating all over you.....IT WAS HOT!!!!

I LOVE this pic I caught of Susan post show.....she looks so adorable here!!
Such a great night..Thanks Aubre for having me!!!

Ok hopefully there is video.....I'll post that up when it hits youtube!!


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