Sally's Dress...Costume upcycle DIY!

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So this weekend I get the lucky opportunity to perform in this super cool show. The idea being the dancers had to pic out a horror cinema classic and create some type of dance piece to their chosen them. I was super excited at first, but then I got stumped!! If you know me well, I don't do horror films. I think I was had a horrible experience as a child watching the Alfred Hitchcock classic The Birds on TV, in my gramma's house in rural Manitoba. Funny thing, I have heard other folks around my age group having a very similar experience. weird. Anyways, now that I'm all grown up (questionable) I'm not such a huge scaredy cat...buts its a genre I have never gotten into. Yes I know.....poo poo. 

So now what???? I checked out the list again....and all the obvious and great classics are already taken. I did not want to do something really yes I decided to deal a card that I do know. Animation.

Yes, I am aware that many an animation has classic scary parts....But for some reason growing fear factor could handle Disney scared. (yes, you are assuming correct....not even fun houses at the fair.Still.) 

Soooooo which character.....without being ridiculous, because in the end I got to dance to this creation.....So I went through my memory of soundtracks. Being a tend to have a strong memory to soundtracks. And yes.......Bingo.

Ta daaaaa. 
Sally The Ragdoll from the Nightmare before Christmas!

Decent character, decent soundtrack...and maybe a unique look for the evening??? I did find my music from the soundtrack, but found a lovely remake of the main "Sally" song. Here is the original if you don't know it.

I don't plan to use this version....but you have to wait and see what I do use:)))
 I have my music.....working on my choreography. I got to pull the look together. Can't dance naked....well you can, but this is not that type of show.....
Looking online for Sally costumes you come across your run of the mill made in China Walmart reproduction quality costumes. Um yuck. Foamy polyester...double yuck. 

 Off to my closest!!!

And this is what I find.

Okay, so I have some type of base. Now what? Well I did not wish to create the exact same version of the Sally dress....I wanted something a bit more stage ready....updated and something that will catch the lights.

So I dug through my sewing bits and bobs and found some potential items.
Lace remnants.....
I pulled the two main colors from the Sally costume that I felt were the most eye catching, yellow and purple....
Handy Dandy Rit Dye from your local grocery store.
I also grab some brown to help mellow the purple out.

Now the fun starts!!!
Be sure to follow the directions on the box!! Boil your water first then mix the dye in don't need much!
Tip: Use stainless steel bowls and utensils as your tools!! Plastics will dye!

 Let that sit in there for about 25 minutes. The more vibrant you want your garments the longer you have it sit.
If you noticed I have the ends tied off and hanging over the edge.
I'm going to dye to end a purple color!

While I have the yellow sitting, I make another batch for the purple and another to make a brown mellow the purple.

 In goes all the lace bits and bobs into the purple.....
Once I have those dyed....I actually place all the lace into my brown wash to mellow out the brightness of the purple. I do like purple...just not Barney purple.

Now, in goes the end of my dress. As you can see I'm leaving the yellow in its dye bowl. This is not an exact science. I'm trying to create a slight ombre fade into the I want the purple to "bleed" slightly. To make that happen, once I got all the purple complete...I spooned, with a spoon, the purple dye slightly into the yellow to blend both sections.

Ok hangs to dry!!! the color is gonna drip outside in the sunshine was the best place for me to have this dry. Once dry, you will need to hand wash gently the garment and hang to dry again. This helps sets the color from bleeding out.

ohhh looky my cookie sheets multitasking......

 Now the enjoyable part for me.....putting it all together. I like to use a dress form and straight pins to "play" with my piece. Its an you never know what your gonna end up with.....
(ohhhhhhhh an EVIL experiment)
:::::lifts small pinky up:::::
(nerd alert)

 Here's my end result!!

Some hand sewing around the bust.

Lace detailing down the front.

Using up some old buttons.

A little faux bustle bum.

 Yeahhhhh!!! I love how it all turned out. Its gonna be fun to put the whole character together!
I'll post pics later:)
Let me know what you think!! Better yet, come to the show and tell me what you think:)))

 Here is the link for the show!! If your in the LA area come check it out!! Its a perfect way to get all warmed up for the Halloween season!!


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