Violet Sparkle Love.......Secret Crafty Moment

6:09 PM

photo by Pixie Vision Productions

In my recent trip to Las Vegas in September I got the chance to hang out with my good friend Virginie. If you don't know already this lovely gal is one member of the fabulous trio Tabu from LV. Usually we get to nosh it out at the Thai Pot at Tribal Fest in Sebastapol, California. But its never enough!!!

Backstage at TF11

So it was really great for me to have the chance to come to her hood, and spend some time chilling out with Virginie and her family in Las Vegas!

So as with most hanging out time and much wine....inspiration does start to flow. And because I'm snoopy....I started digging threw her costume bits and bobs gear. Well it wasn't to long until I found enough bits and bobs to put together some type of costume piece for Virginie....

ohhhhhh sparkles.....

so I squirreled all her items into my car to get working on this project.....I usually can't wait...I always get inspired by making costumes....

It almost seems a shame to cover up that pretty polka dot bra!!

Keeping myself entertained while I sew alllllllll those little teeny tiny beads!!

ok here's the end result!!

 Ohhh....I'm so happy how it turned out!

 Lots of hand beading!!

 A little delicate bellydrape action!

 Top view of the point beads

Thats alot of teeny teeny beads...
But YEAH for me!! There were extra I'm putting together at belt for Virginie too!!
Violet Sparkle Love...

I hope she loves it:))

and if you have not seen this talented gal dance yet...
check her out

LOVE her!


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