So, Its been a long while.

3:31 AM

So its been a long while.
What have I been doing with my time......well as you can see, its been a lot of baby baby baby. Yes I had a baby. It seems like I have fallen off the face of the planet I know. I feel like I have fallen off the face of the planet!!! I basically took a whole year off from life. Almost at this time last year I was entering the very early stages of pregnancy. The whole thing from start to finish was overwhelming and completely consuming. For some reason this time around at 37  years old, I just couldn't get my crap together on a day to day basis. I was struck down with large amounts of exhaustion, fatigue, and morning sickness. Every cell of my body was needed to produced, grow and nurture the baby inside of me. And man, my body was pissed off!! I'm just gonna say, having a baby is a young persons sport. It just is. For sure this time around was way harder than it was in my 20s. But the reward is huge, and the blessings are indefinite.

Aowyn Gwen April
July 9, 2014
8:41am, 8lbs 10 oz

Now I am not going to go into a huge birth story detail play by play. I will say she came fast (less than 4 hours), birth was all natural. No complications at all....such a blessing!

Geez, I look rough here.
But hey, I literally just pushed a baby out of my vagina. Go me!!!

Okay seriously, don't look at me...
look at my cute kid.

 So there ya go, thats what I have been doing with my time. A big job indeed. At this very moment Aowyn is almost 11 weeks old. Life is adjusting to this new little person in our family hemisphere. It can be tough, going back to the sleepless nights. But the payoff is big. And really such a huge blessing to our lives.


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