The Spirit Weavers Gathering

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Before I had the baby I manged to get out and do a little something for myself. A little present to myself. Also a last chance to spend a little private time doing something for me. So instead of getting my nails done, I treated myself to The Spirit Weavers Gathering.

First off the gathering was out in the desert. I mean not like the crazy desert...but close to Joshua Tree Park. Seriously it was hot....maybe to hot for a pregnant lady. But this type of scenery has a stark beauty to it.

Here is my little tent being all cute in the morning sunlight.

Ok so what is a Spirit Weavers Gathering.
 Well it is a gathering of like minded woman who are supporting each other. And also supporting a brighter future. The gathering had many workshops offered. Things like basket weaving, or terranium building, or Payote stitch beading or cacao ceremonies, juice ceremonies. Just a lot of intention building, to weave a brighter future.

I know, maybe a bit out there.
But the whole experience was really beautiful. It was really nice to spend time in the company of so many really great and talented woman. Focusing our collective energy. For me my favorite class was  with the lovely elder teacher Sweet Medicine Nation. She was an incredible, intelligent, clear woman with an amazing message to share. So glad I got to take her workshop. I do hope to cross paths again in the future.

ok pictures....

The land were the retreat was on this guy Garth's property. He is a really cool guy who lives off grid but truly in the most amazing way. This slice of earth is just filled with the biggest skies, boulder gardens, amazing vegetation....somehow he has nurtured a place of beauty in a most stark environment.


morning routine

really delish vegan food!

teepee tent reading

Some beautiful weaving happening.

I am so proud of myself for doing this. It was hard to do this. Camping out in the crazy heat at 8 months pregnant...but it was worth it. I made some lovely new friends. Shared some really beautiful experiences. Got out side my comfort zone. Learned some really great new skills. Such a blessing:)

Ok here is the link on facebook if you want to learn more!!
Go look!!
next gathering is in Mendocino!
setting my intentions on going:)
The Spirit Weavers Gathering


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