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So while I was pregnant, I attended this really amazing gathering called the Spirit Weavers Gathering. While I was there I met some pretty amazing woman from all over. I managed to connect and keep in touch with a lot of great ladies through social media. I noticed that the lovely Miss Vicky of Grandmothers Medicine was really close to me. And she was offering workshops with some of her knowledge of earth medicine. YEAH! so excited! I really wanted to to take her class at the gathering but was unable here was my opportunity. Calling to me! I love herb lore, and growing and planting a working garden to use and feed my family. I have made it my goal over the years to slowly learn about natural remedies to use as my family medicine choice. By no means its not something you learn all at once. I feel that its a life long journey to learn this type of knowledge from the earth. So it was really lovely to take Viky's class to keep expanding my knowledge base!!

Ok pictures!
First off...crazy beautiful day that started out with some light yoga!
Once we warmed our bodies up...our brains were ready to take some info in!

Vicky teaching us about Fire Water! so yummy!

Beautiful fuel!

Elderberry Magic!

 oh yes there were baby goats!

pretty pretty!

Desert honey magic!

met some new friends...the lovely Miss Mandy...

pretty pots!

I must say this class was AWESOME! Such a great day! Vicky was crazy organized. Her material was beautifully presented in very handy manuals. (I went note taking crazy, thank goodness for her manuals!) Vicky had so much practical knowledge, that wasn't fussy but so easy to learn! Gosh feeling so grateful and blessed, and inspired! Seriously, the class gave me a boot in the butt to get on it! You can totally make your own health infusions and elixars to help maintain and support a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks Vicky for creating such a beautiful learning environment!

gosh look at her, shes so sweet:)

Ok links!!

Be sure to check out her website! Vicky is having a sale for the next couple of get them while you can! 

and her shop to purchase some lovely goodies!


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