Life is kicking me in the ass...AGAIN!

8:29 AM

So here is my little family.
In Seattle, Washington.

last week.

So I guess the big news in my life that I gotta share is, no, I am not pregnant . But yep, we are moving again, to Seattle!!


Life has tossed us this new curve ball.....and yes we gotta move. Just one of those things with my husbands job. We are sad to be leaving sunny San Diego. Its been too short. And I feel we have not had the chance to get to know Southern California well. But, we are excited to go back to the Pacific Northwest! We will be closer to our family and friends in Vancouver. So now I pack up everything, try to enjoy the sun, hopefully one more desert visit...and get ready to hit our new home in Seattle!

Here's some pics from our recent visit....

you gotta visit Pike Place Market!

enjoying the view and breakfast....

never mind us...look at the cute baby.

Toren, don't touch the fish...seriously!

gonna have to get use to that view again!!

Aowyn's first airplane ride...she did great!

ok see you soon Seattle....
Now where did I put the packing tape?


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