The Dark Side Practice Sessions

4:00 AM

Ok folks, I know these days as dancers we have a lot of options for our downloading pleasure, to improve our technique, finger cymbals, and dance. Facebook can be noisy...really noisy and sometimes you might not get to see all the options anymore. :::sigh facebook::: 

So, if you do not know who this pretty lady is, this is Audra Simmons. She is the talented lady behind her amazing Toronto based studio The Dark Side Studio. 

And the lady behind Lavish Dance company

Audra Simmons and Heather Labonte of Lavish Dance Company

For years I have had mad props for the lovely Audra. She really is one smart, sassy and talented lady! So I guess I have been under a rock, and did not realize it. Audra has created an online downloadable class series. You can sign up for a 3, 6 or 1 year option or you can download whatever class you like for a reasonable price point. Can we say yes please!

I guess I find this exciting because I very much enjoy Audras style and technique. This gal knows her business!! Plus I find her teaching and creative process unique. For me, that is super valuable. Its great to see dancers in this industry put so much thought and construction into their personal teaching and performance style. LOVE THAT!!!

Ok links!!!

The Dark Side Practice Sessions
and in case you have not seen Lavish yet...check out this video of them at the Dark Side studio in Toronto,Canada

::::::le sighhhhh::::


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