11:20 PM

Well everyone else does it!!!

so I am gonna get in on the Throw Back Thursday band wagon thingy.
Why not!!!

ok here its goesssssss...

Angelina of Scarlet Lux, Gillian of Lucitera, myself, and the lovely Samantha Emanuel

I am bad with years...but ya know awhile ago..

ok here is another one...

Heather and Sara of Urban Tribal hosted by the lovely Lava in Vancouver. Loved that weekend!!!
again...I dunno what year....I am apparently bad at the TBT thing.I need to ask my friend Angelina she is good at this game:)

Ok last one for this time around....

Mardi!!! I believe this was at the first Le Serpent tour in Bellingham WA!!
Come one, Mardi in a mustache!! Love this one!

yeah memory lane!!

Ok there ya go....back to present day:))


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