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8:52 PM

It's that time of year again. The world gets a bit slower. Nature starts to blanket itself into its deep winter slumber. The leaves are falling. The stove is busy with concoctions of bubbling stew and mulled wine.
For me fall is a cathartic and busy all at once. Bustling and busy with getting the kids to Hockey, Parkour, ballet. My classes start up again. And I'm busy making class plans and drill sets. This is truly my busiest time of year. I often feel lost in the fray. Mommy frazzled. The bustle is real and exhausting and most days I'm happy to even grab a coffee just to sustain myself. Errrrr can we say unhealthy? Yes, it is. So this year I'm trying to be a bit proactive. I have scheduled fitness classes at my local gym. Just so I can have some me time. Sweating my brains out and busting my ass seems really the best way to keep my head straight. Weird. But true. 
Second is being proactive to keep my ass off of Crackbook. Social media is death to production and getting anything done. Can someone please invent a zapper watch to prevent you from going on zeeeecrackbook. Perhaps not the most PC idea. But really.
Lastly I'm trying to enroll in classes that are not Bellydance. I know weird right. But I seem to have a creative plateau in this dance journey. Maybe not a plateau but a block??? Mmmmm I think to feed the beast you need to fill the belly. And somehow just Bellydance is not just filling all the creative beasts I seem to have going on. Why this all makes me agitated  and restless. Who knows. Maybe I need therapy. Maybe it's a midlife 40 crisis. Maybe I need more damn sleep. Sooooooooo awkward. Anyways, classes. Yeah. So I have enrolled in some tarot working type classes. I have been fiddling around with tarot cards for years. I clearly have no damn idea what I'm doing. So I'm gonna learn from someone who is in the know.
Learning tarot sounds whacky. But  it makes me happy. Kinda ironic since I generally don't like cards. But hey, don't judge.  Next up is leather working class. I dunno I like leather. I can sew. Maybe these things will be cool together??? What's the point of this blog. Yeah I don't know. But onward ho in life and all that....keep growing!!!!! Keep pushing further...lemme know how your doing?

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