My evening with The Brothers Of the Baladi July 29,2005,

4:00 AM

What an evening!!!! It took alot of work but the event was a great sucess! Michael Beach warmed up the crowd in this beautiful intimate setting of the Alegria Cafe in Steveston, BC.....Lava soon got things pumped up with her amazing style and grace! And what a drum solo!!The crowd needed a breather, and participated in a lively silent auction to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation....good times!! The second set started and The BOTB wowed the crowd with there awesome fusion style of Middle eastern dancer was me, and boy did I have my work cut out for me!!! It started out dancing to the famous Aziza tune,then I ended up having a shimmy dual with one of the band members...remind me to eat before an event!!! Thankyou to The Brothers of the Baladi, I hope they had a great time, and i look forward to having them back in Vancouver!!

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