vacation............ Fri, August 12, 2005 - 1:52 AM

4:01 AM

Yeah!!!!! I'm going on vacation.....we totally need a break!!!! We are going up to 100 mile house until Aug17th, come back then out to Tofino for about ten days.......ahhhhhh Tofino......really you can almost relax into a perfect coma of zen and nature. The only reason why you don't just float away is because you are constantly trying to figure out how you can sell everything you own and move to Tofino to live in some million dollar cottage by the sea!!! Not knocking the cottages they are really beautiful. My lovely husband likes to have fantasy's about becoming a surf board maker or carver...really he would try carving a surf board first. Just so he could engineer it into the perfect design.Ahhh tofino.....makes you want to grow dreadlocks and never shave place else in the world like it!!! can't wait!!!

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