Suhaila in Portland... Mon, November 14, 2005 - 12:13 AM

4:26 AM

Well it has taken me awhile to blog about Portland...

but the experience was so overwhelming it took awhile to compute everything. I am proud to say I passed level one and will start working towards my level 2...I hope that I will be able to visit the Caravan studios for a level 2 intensive..spring???anyone???

The weekend was amazing!!! Suhaila is amazing!!! Tiffany is amazing!!! Renee and Rachel just fabulous!!! These woman really cared for and listened to all the needs of the woman attending this workshop. They would help, nurture and coach us threw the frustration of what are bodies were doing and push us tho the next level. I can honestly say I enjoyed every second!! Was I sore, yes! Did I get frustrated,yes! Did I freak when it was test time?, Yep! But the support and care of these woman really pushed me threw and challenge myself.

Meeting Suhaila, was a dream come true. I have the utmost respect for this woman, of her vision and dream for bellydance. It really was an honor to meet her.....and it was an honor to have Suhaila sit down and talk with me and get to know me and who I was. In fact she did this with everyone in the workshops in Portland. I feel blessed to have taken the workshops in Portland and to have had the opportunity to work in such an intimate setting!!!

I am very much looking forward to Toronto...this time the workshops are more choreo based and not level I get to see a different aspect of the format..which excites me!!! it will be a great weekend coming up!!

***Pic taken of Suhaila @ Pashwas in Portland,October 2005

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