you dooooing?

10:37 AM are we doing??

pretty good...thanks for asking:) really!

First couple of weeks here in Germany and settling in nicely. I have been touring around a bit, meeting new people, seeing new places!! Its been a busy first month in Germany...and its been nice to just settled into my new life here and spending sometime with family.

First stop I had was going to the beautiful city of Koln. Why you ask...well my husband had the brilliant idea of attending the World Hockey Championships there. Didn't know you were a hockey fan Martina??? Well...I'm not. Thankyou. Really, I can find better ways to spend my time than sitting in a cold ice rink....especially since I just landed from a 10 hour flight, then drove 2 hours with 4 bags of luggage, a dog , 2 kids I havn't seen in a month and a husband who got the day wrong for when I was arriving:)ohhhhhh the joys of married life. But hey, being grumpy aside. Koln is a lovely city with alot to see and do with much walking and lovely views.

And despite all the complaining about going to the hockey game from me...( yes I was being grumpy, I blame the jetlag) We got to go see Cirque du Soliel as well.....what a day! Gold medal hockey plus crazy acrobatic cirque...can we say Martina had to have a snooze in the grass midday.(stupid jetlag)

see...I'm not the only one who got was a long epic day.

next up, some sightseeing on the way back to Ulm....Heidelberg , really pretty stop. and yes, still jetlagged and yes all the same weekend.

Finally my new home in Ulm, Germany! whoooshhh...sooo nice to be able to sleep in my own bed again. Really you have no idea, I think I had the best nights sleep that night. Sleeping in alot of different beds for 3 months really takes a toll on ones sleeping patterns.and you guessed it their grumpy nature:)

But no rest for the stop Hanover. After a death defying early morning drive to Stuggart on the Autobon. My husband took full advantage of his beamer to show off....::::rolls eyes, boys::::::: yes he got a beamer...yes its his mid  life crisis car......yes its a station wagon.sigh.

anywho...Hanover for Tribal Treffe! hosted by the lovely Ashmahan. Great festival, loads of fun and alot of lovely dancers. I was quite blown away by everyone, and saw some really beautiful and creative tribal dancing here in Germany. It was a really lovely introduction to the tribal community here in Germany. so many amazing dancers. It was a special treat for me because I got the chance to see  a good friend again...the lovely and most smashing Tree from England. We always have a blast together, and always much laughter and baddy behaviour to be had!! It was cool to connect with Sashi and Tempest as well. I havn't had a chance to meet these lovely gothy ladies in the past, so it was nice to connect with them and had many laughs over Italian food. Another friend and beautiful dancer I had the pleasure of meeting was Martha Osirya. Martha is Fat Chance Bellydance trained,and guested with Fat Chance several times. She has a lovely new little baby boy, who stole everyone hearts. And Martha lives here in Germany! yeah for me! all in all a great and well organised dance festival! many thanks to everyone who made me feel soooo welcome and many Thanks to Konstaz and Marcel for walking me home in the rain!! they have this awesome online website reviewing everything Tribal that is happening in Germany and the surrounding areas..its called Hagalla.Its really cool to see this dynamic duo with a such a huge love of Tribal bellydance...really making sure the tribal events and dancers of Germany are getting promoted and supported on their site.They have a English and German site, check it out!

well there ya go...the first couple of weeks....there is more...but I'll stop now, before I get kicked of for having the longest blogs on here....that don't feature random postings of peoples wedding pics and home decor perfection.

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