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2:08 PM

Just trying to keep the inspiration going and going around in circles....its nice to share what I have been working on lately. This is one of the new costumes I'm working on...I'm trying to infuse as much copper highlights as possible, but not to over due it so I look like a Liza Minnelli look alike an new years eve. Alot of needlework went into this one...but the black base was an old black sequined dress that came from Ginger Blue member, Megan Blackford.

That dress really has stretched over a couple of costumes. Most of the hard work was all the sewing of the copper sequins and buttons. I'm just hoping it will come across on stage!

And always most of the time goes into just staring at the piece....its so silly, but one really just needs to stare at things for quite some time to make it all happen. Staring and staring and staring. sad really. Its probably why I needed a stronger prescription of glasses.
But its fun to share...and I know I always appreciate it so much when I gain inspiration from others...and trust me, I have done my share of blowing up pictures of Rachel Brices boobs just to see what the hell shes got on that bra. ( its an illness I know, sorry Rachel.)
so thats my goal here......just spreading out the ju ju:)
Ok if you can spread it around as well, its kinda nice.

(home office)

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