Food, love it or hate it.....

9:30 PM

Well I dunno about you...but I have always had a love hate relationship with food. Whatever, not gonna get all dramatic about it. But food can be a major pain in the ass. You gotta go and get it..then you gotta prep it..then you gotta cook it. so many steps. Especially. for anyone who has a busy lifestyle. And that pretty much sums up everyone I know.

I was in France visiting a friend...and I was just so impressed with her food lifestyle. The french know how to eat. Everything they do with food is amazing and beautiful. I have experienced this once before in Italy, but I guess it finally hit home. The french put there food on art. The produce is there sitting in colanders waiting to be washed, fruit and veg are apart of the kitchen decore. Baguettes in baskets and big beautiful cabinets showing off beautiful dishes. Now these dishes are not just sitting in a china cabinet, but tools to be used for daily life. Utensils,pots and pans...its all there. I'm just so used to seeing everything in North America to be so clutter free, that everything is supposed to look like an Ikea showroom. I dunno about you...but Ikea doesn't inspire me to cook at it inspires me to clean. Big deal, can't eat cleaning products.

In a effort to look so clean line in our kitchen tastes and style, kitchens have become another show room to show off, and not be used. So sad...your kitchen wants you to cook in it:) Now come on, how many of us have had microwave popcorn for dinner?? seriously...don't be shy...I can tell you it was a solid staple meal option for me. Ok popcorn is an ok meal, loads of fiber...but really how many times in one month have you done that?? How many times in the last week have you done that!

Ok this is not a guilt trip...that's not my point, cause I ain't perfect! But here's what I have been trying, putting the food on display. I have been experimenting with it actually...trying to make a pretty little food display in my kitchen to inspire me to cook. And its working! Ummmm because food does go my husband would kick my butt if I let things go to waste...but I'm finding the process of grabbing groceries or produce a little more fun. I want color, I want things to look interesting, and I want variety. Its challenging me what I make for the family. And trust me, I'm no gourmet cook, I can make a mean stir fry, but I think the kids are starting to try more fruit and veg because of it.

Life is fast, cooking in our fast pace lives is stressful ....but really its not taking that much more time outta my life. Really. For me moving through life, I'm always looking for inspiration. I'm filling my head and body with the things I love with dance, literature and art. I think its only fair to nourish that body as well. And for me...this is gonna sound lame...but I gotta make it pretty, and interesting, the food needs to be inspiring as well. Its just how I roll. The challenge?? To keep it up...that's my challenge. Really really I don't have any options. You know why....can't find microwave popcorn, where I am in Germany. Can't rely on that easy solution, I really do need to cook. And at the moment, I'm ok with that.

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