good grief....bad girl.

7:21 PM

I know!!!

Bad Girl! It really really has been a long while since I posted last.... much for keep in up with my writing!

As always...the New Year for me, is always a giant slap in the face. I dunno how it happens every year, but it always takes me a couple of weeks to settle into the New Year...and the resolutions.
Soooooooooooooo here they go.

1. more yoga.
2. bellydance get my ass in gear about my level 3
3. write more.
4. eat better.
5. draw more.
6. stop procrastinating my ass off.
7. be more positive.
8. enjoy my life a little bit more.
9. be grateful. some humble pie.

yes...its a work in progress....I wish I could go back and look at my old New Years resolutions and take a ride down self memory lane....but lets not and say we did. Live in the moment...and be more gentle with myself.

here's to 2011 folks...make it a good one:)

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