Secret Feature Friday

10:00 AM

On Fridays I will be announcing my secret feature for the brilliantly called Secret Feature Friday. (yes I heard the ohhhh's and awwww's, thankyou)

The goal is to feature some type of someone or something of outstanding feature every week, and bring more positive attention and awareness to bellydance.

Ok this weeks secret feature comes from Vancouver Canada. A unique dancer, yogi and business entrepreneur. The lovely Miss Angela Mckeller Thorne.

Not only is Angela an amazing bellydancer, she is creating her very own unique imprint on the internet called Devi Yoga.


Yoga is Angela's passion, and is a well known and loved Yoga teacher in Vancouver, BC. She noticed an interesting trend in what was happening with yoga on the internet, and decided that she too could carve her imprint and her vision to a bigger audience. Working with so many people on a daily basis, made her realize that people getting to classes can be a tricky thing, so she is bringing the classes to you. This online format allows the viewer to preview the class of their liking, then to click and pay for a downloadable class, right there in the comfort of your home.

What impresses me so much is the quality, and presentation of her packaged. Filmed in and around Vancouver, Angela engages audiences with her calm presence and clear instruction in yoga, that is suited for all levels.

There have been stumbling blocks in the process, which everyone knows when they start to think of producing their product. Music was an issue, and how to license music, with out all the costs. No problem, Angela started producing her own unique music blend for her classes. check this out,

and the music is available for easy download, so cool right?

other secrets???? Downloadable magazine that you can use for your Ipads and Tablets, plussssssssssss Angela will be putting out her very own Bellydance Instruction which will be available for download very very soon!! so be sure to watch for that!

ok now go ahead check out the click click......






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