Hannover Tribal Festival

6:21 PM

Gudrun and myself right after our open stage set

Well I have been a very busy busy bee indeed.......which is cool and fun. And I get to travel and meet loads of new people.....but at times its crazy!!! Last weekend I was in Hannover for the biggest tribal dance festival in Europe.....had a super great weekend! Taught a great workshop...took some great workshops with the amazing Unmata. Hung out with some lovely friends. Made loads of new friends!! Had some great awwww ahhhhhh moments! LOVE those moments!! Giggled my butt off with the lovely Lady Fred...danced and danced and danced!! Had some great first duet moments with the amazing Eliana Hoffman....and the very beautiful Gudrun Herold.....it was great to push myself and try some awesome duets. Whats super great about this event is that you really get to see alot of dancers from all over Europe all in one place!! Which I adore! the talent in Europe is amazing! Super great event this year..can't wait for next year!

Frances' Tribal Umrah.... Djyenee!

a little banana fun backstage with Denmarks's Dud Muurmand

lovely Maria from the Ukraine and Eliana from Offenbach,Germany

Miss Alexis Southall!!


Alexis, Michaela, Inga and Melanie

Katerina from Prague!

Miss Lily of Germany.....

the talented Melanie from Augsburg,Germany

Michaela from the Czech Replublic

Unmata blew everyone away with their crazy energy!

Hanging out with my other duet partner, the stunning Eliana Hoffman!

My only regret this year was not getting a pic with FRED!! but we are usually laughing our butts off way to much to remember to get pics....Fred next time love:)))xoxoxoxo


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