Busy Busy....

10:11 PM

Man things have been to busy!!!

Some major life changes, really had to take a deep step back and take some time to let my life sort it itself out.....

So if you havn't heard, I will be moving back to the west coast....to San Diego!!

Super excited to be back on the west coast!!

Life was at a major stand still for so long while we took our time to make this huge life change....but now that we have we are super stoked!!

Ok just wanted to post some of my most favorite pics from the last little while....getting caught up on my life!!

which means getting caught up on this blog!!! yeesh!!

Ok here are some of my most fav moments from the last couple months!!!

Tribal Summer Camp In Offenburg

workshops in Vancouver, BC

Climbing in the Pyrenees Mountains

Family time in beautiful France

Teaching in Budapest

Budapest Tribal festival

Tribal Passion show In Offenbah

whoot whoot....great summer!!

So looking forward to the coming year...and a whole new life!! so crazy!!

But there ya go......always different!!!


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