DIY Redo Suitcase

11:30 AM

See this cute dusty little case....I got this from my grammy years ago, and really its been sitting around holding costume supplies. So recently I was inspired by a fellow dancer who carries there beautiful costumes around in their little vanity suitcase. Protecting the costumes as well as a super cute idea.

Now here comes the not so cute part....

Not so Cute.

I really wanted to start using this case, I know my Grammy had used it for all her hair curlers and makeup. And its a shame to not make us of something I remember so fondly of Grammy using. So I went to the fabric shop to do some fabric hunting...and came home with this pretty vintage looking pattern.

Not to bad....5 euros for a meter....the trim I already had in my sewing pile...but thats for later!
So I jumped right in..... I was excited to get started!

Did some prep work....

Then the real work, I had to measure and size all the pieces that I wanted to cover. Cut my fabric, then went at each section with my trusty ole glue gun. The hardest part was slowly placing the fabric. My tip is to take your time with all of this. Don't glue the whole section of suitcase at once. Go bit bit. And also I used a old Altoid tin to smooth out all the fabric bumps to make everything lie nice and flat. Not super complicated but time consuming.

Once I got all of that done....I did some decorating!

Of course I had some scraps left I thought to make a cute matching sachet filled with incense cones....cause it will be for my costumes, I like them smelling nice. And while I was at it, that old altoid tin got a redo to hold my business cards!

Ok here it old suitcase all prettied up....

 I am really happy with the works really well with the color of the case!

Yeahhh!!! Success! Super happy that I will get some more use outta this case!

Hey, if you have a fabulous suitcase redo...lemme see!! :)


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