BFLA- Horror Cienma Classics......

8:59 PM

Yesterday I managed to get my butt safely to Los Angeles to attend the BFLA Horror Cinema Classics Show at Art Share. First of all I never have had the chance to check out this venue it was really cool. I love collective artist venues, supporting local arts!

 The whole area was a giant artist collective....LOVE that!

The whole evening was really great!! All the dancers were amazing! Sometimes with themed shows you wonder if everyone is going to go for 100%....just due to time and energy of artists. Sometimes its hard to put together a whole piece that will be a one time deal. But all the performers last night gave 110%, such a magical evening!

And as you know....I chose the character Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas....
you can see my Sally costume post here...
Sally , The Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

Here it is.....

hanging with Khani Zulu....creepy ladies we make:)

It was long process of ALOT of makeup...but it made for a great visual...
ok more pics!!

Backstage with Roxy

some of the beautiful gals from Mandala DanceWorks

trying not to schmush the lovely Heather Shoopman blue!

sleeping beauties, Heather and Aubre

Khani Zulu, as the Bride of Frankenstein

some Sweet Transvestite...with Mark Bissel.

Heather Shoopman, "Eyes without a Face"

After the show with Elizabeth Mahina

loved this piece with Lumina!

Mandala Danceworks wowing the crowd!!

 Everyone loves Elvira!! "The Birds"

Such a great night!!! yeahhhhhhhh huge congrats BFLA!! great job....thankyou so much for having me!


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