BFLA Hafla Literary edition

7:30 AM

So it was time to dance again...Its been a awhile. A long while. Now stop that, I am talking about dance. What do you think I am talking about.....yeesh.

So it really was great to get a chance to dance again. Its been a long journey back to this point. It feels like a whole year has been put on hold. So it was really lovely to have this months BFLA host, the lovely Aubre Hill, add me to the evenings roster.

Aubre always has some great themes for the haflas. And this months was no exception with the theme of literary inspiration to guide us for the evening.

As always getting to Los Angeles from San Diego is its own challenge...but its always worth it in the end!!

All the dancers who came out, really had some lovely choices and performed beautifully!

yes yes....PICTURES!!
I do love taking pictures...

 The pretty Jen Aguiler

 Backstage shenanigans!

 Lumina Represents!

 I spy the lovely Ashima Bhatti
in her newest Snakechurch creation.

 pretty in red IrinaXara

a gorgeous trio 

 Hannah representing the BFLA

 ohhhh drums!

 Studio Iqaat

seriously these gals stole the show!! They each did a major character from different literary books!

Big big thanks to this months BFLA hafla host Aubre! Loved every minute!

Now, the BFLA do put on a halfa the last friday of every month, but this month they will also be hosting a special evening called....

La Femme Fantastique

 October 18th, at Art Share in Los Angeles.
They have a killer line up of some really talented dancers performing!! 
check it out if your in the area....

ok Links!
check out facebook for more details!

if you want to get tickets for the show


if your interested in knowing more about the BFLA and their events...


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